Short Handle Garden Tools

Short handle garden tools are useful in tight areas, when accuracy is paramount, and when you just want to get a little closer to good old mother Earth.

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  • Japanese Sickle main Out of stock

    Japanese Sickle

  • Japanese Ika Hoe 1 Out of stock
  • Hoe Dag 800 x 800 - best weeding tool Out of stock

    Hoe Dag

  • Hori Hori Knife 2
  • Dewit Dutch Hoe Main 2 Out of stock
  • Dewit Cape Cod Weeder - Comparison Main - best weeding tool for small weeds in cultivated ground Out of stock

    Dewit Cape Cod Weeder

  • -12% Japanese Garden Tool Set Out of stock

    Japanese Garden Tool Set

    $124.00 $109.00
  • Dewit Forged Trowels Full 1 Out of stock
  • Dewit Short Handled Garden Cultivators 1 Out of stock
  • Photo of Wilcox Stainless Trowel Out of stock
  • Dewit Canterbury Eye Hoe (Short Handle) Out of stock