Short Handled Garden Cultivators


Cultivators are useful for light weeding, breaking up soil crust and for mixing amendments into the top layer of your soil.   These forged tools are built to last and carry a lifetime warranty.

These short handled garden cultivators are great for loosening and aerating the soil surface in small areas.

When would you want to loosen the soil surface?

When weeds have just germinated and are very small, cultivating the surface can kill them or knock them back so your desired plant can get ahead.

If your soil develops a crust after being watered multiple times, a cultivator will aerate the surface, allowing more air and water to enter the soil.

If you’ve just put out some fertilizer or compost and want to mix them into the top few inches of soil.

3 choices here:  a short 3 tine cultivator, a short 5 tine cultivator and a mid length 3 tine cultivator.  

The short handles are nice in confined areas while the mid length gives you a bit more reach.


  • Forged high carbon steel
  • FSC Certified ash handles
  • Heads are 3″ wide
  • Short handled 3 tine measures 3″ wide by 11.5″ long.   Weighs .5 lbs
  • Short handled 5 tine measure 3.5″ wide by 11″ long.   Weighs .5 lbs
  • Mid length 3 tine measures 3″ wide by 24″ long.   Weighs .65 lbs

Made in Holland by Dewit

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Short 3 Tine, Short 5 Tine, Mid Length 3 Tine


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