Though your local hardware store likely has a few well made tools, most of what they sell is meant to appeal more to your wallet than to actually be effective or durable.

Quality is a vague term that we define as a combination of good design, appropriate materials, followed by skilled workmanship.  Our tools have all of these elements whereas most tools at the local hardware store do not.

For more on our definition of quality, check out our article What Makes a Quality Tool Different.

The cost of our tools is a reflection of the three elements mentioned above:  a tool of good design, durable materials and skilled craftsmanship simply requires more time and money to build.

Something else to consider is the long term investment of a good tool.  We’ve spoken to many customers who’ve had a prized fork or hoe for over 20 years!

If the tool costs you $100, and you have it for 20 years, that’s a cost of $5 per year to use the tool.  All that while you have a tool that is durable and reliable.

Compare that to a $30 tool that lasts 4 years (if you’re lucky) and the yearly cost is 50% more at $7.50 per year.  

Add to this the likelihood that you’ll spend time and effort dealing with a bent, broken or otherwise under-performing tool; and you can see that cheap tools can be more expensive in the long run.

We charge a flat rate based on the largest item in your cart.

$4, $7, $10 or $14 depending on the largest item.

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