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The Slammer Tool is a unique, industrial-grade implement that combines the uses of a crowbar, axe, spade, digging bar and mattock/grubber  into a powerful human powered work horse.

Slide action design concentrates the force of the tool right where you want it (at the head) while minimizing strain on your body (you don’t have to lift the full weight of the tool and can stand upright while using it).

It is useful  for many jobs around the farm and homestead including:  transplanting (especially bamboo and other thick rooted plants), digging out stumps, trenching, demolition work, hardscaping and even splitting firewood.

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Slammer Tool Step 2 DiagramWhen operating the Slammer Tool take care not to trap your fingers or hands in between the two parts.
Both hands should grip the upper section.Slammer Tool Diagram 2While standing upright, pull the top sliding bar upwards. Use your legs  and  core muscles to raise the slide bar, as opposed to just your upper body strength.Slammer Tool Diagram 3Using gravity and the natural weight of the Slammer, ‘Slam’ it down. Repeat the process. Walk the Slammer out.

Don’t use your back!

The Slammer Tool is a useful and versatile implement, and though the  slide-hammer concept has been around for some time, the design and materials used for the Slammer has been a 23-year evolution of numerous  prototypes to make it as sturdy and robust as possible.

The tool  gives the user a  mechanical advantage by concentrating the downward  force on  a small area, focusing the energy right where you want it.  The Slammer uses the downward force of the inner bar to slam the cutting blade through dense soil conditions.

People used to carry a crowbar (digging bar), mattock/grubber, axe and spade in their work truck.  When dealing with hard ground, roots, rocks, concrete and well-compacted soil types these tools are standard.  Once they start using the Slammer tool people find not only does it take less time to complete a task, it uses a completely different set of muscles that does not hurt their back.

The key to this is to grip the bar with your hands, but use your legs to get your body to move the bar up and down, rather than your arms. The other big feature is once the tool is driven into an ugly patch, to get it out can be a lot of work. This is why the head of the tool looks the way it does – you rock the tool from side to side to “walk it out”. If you work smart, you can work more productively.

Each shipment includes extra woolen baffles.  These thin strips of wool sit at the base of the female section and reduce shock and noise.  They are easy to replace when worn out.

Shipping is included in the cost of the Slammer.  It ships by itself and cannot be combined with other orders.

Made in New Zealand

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