Carbide Sharpener for Pruners and Loppers

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A sharp pruning tool leads to clean cuts that heal easily and saves you the effort required to make a dull tool cut.

This handy carbide sharpener from Bahco is the quickest and easiest way we’ve found to sharpen pruners and loppers.

It’s small size allows it to ride comfortably in your pocket and it can be used without taking your pruners or loppers apart.

It’s great to keep with you during extended pruning sessions or leave it in your shed or workbench for less frequent touch-ups.

For blades that are dull but in pretty good shape overall (not damaged), about 5-10 passes on the front side and 1-2 on the back (to wipe away the burr) are all it takes to restore a keen cutting edge.

Compared to other carbide sharpeners on the market, this tool has two carbide edges making it last longer, and it has small finger guards just behind the carbides which protect your fingers from slipping onto the cutting edge.

  • ~4″ long
  • Manufactured in France

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in


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