Opinel 8 – Folding Knives


Here’s an assortment of words, taken from real user reviews across the web, used to describe these knives:   “Classic, simple, reliable, intuitive, sharp, classy, unique, practical, durable, inexpensive, sturdy, indispensable, light, the perfect basic knife.”

Relatively unchanged since their beginnings in 1890’s France (the locking ring was added in 1955), Opinel knives continue to find their way into the pockets of many satisfied owners.

With their unique locking system, contoured shape, light weight, and of course the steel quality they make a fantastic pocket knife for everyday use.

In addition to their utility, these knives have a rustic charm and an unassuming style that makes them stand out amongst so many of the modern, tactical knives.

Opinel 8 –  Folding Knives

Opinels knives are a classic, high value pocket knife.  The Opinel 8 is their most popular and versatile size.
It fits well in hand and sits in the pocket nicely.
The locking ring rotates to keep the blade securely open or closed.
Choose your preferred handle/steel combination.  Left to right and bottom to top pictured above:

beech + carbon steel, beech + stainless steel, oak + stainless steel and walnut + stainless steel.

  • Locking ring secures the knife both open and closed
  • Simple and functional: Only 5 components go into the knife
  • 3.25″ blade, ~4.25″ closed.   Most popular model.   A good balance of pocket-ability and size
  • Handle is contoured to fit hand and pocket
  • Sandvik   12C27M steel (found on the stainless beech, oak and walnut knives)  is rust resistant while maintaining good durability and ease of sharpening
  • XC90 high carbon steel (found on the beech “carbone”) is the knife purists’ choice.  Assumably slightly more durable and easier to sharpen than the stainless
  • Thin blade is well suited to slicing

Shipped with eco friendly packaging materials

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Select Your Handle + Steel

Beech + Carbon Steel, Beech + Stainless Steel, Oak + Stainless Steel, Walnut + Stainless Steel


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