Speedy Sharp Pruner and Lopper Sharpener


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The Speedy Sharp carbide sharpener is an easy and convenient tool for sharpening your pruners, shears and loppers.  (It will do more, but we like it best for these 3)

Following the bevel of your blade, drag the edge of the carbide along your cutting edge a few times until you raise a burr on the back side of the blade. Then lay the Speedy Sharp flat on the backside of the blade, and “wipe away”  the burr.

It is quick, convenient and leaves a nice cutting edge.

We’ve tried other similar carbides from Bahco, Corona, and Swiss Istor, but this one works the best. It cuts faster and leaves a smoother edge than the others.

Will this work on knives, sickles or axes?

Yes, but in our experience, the Speedy Sharp works best as a backup or field sharpener for anything besides pruning tools.

  • Micro 100 Super Carbide bonded to to a 4 x 0.25 x 0.5-inch piece of steel.
  • “Handle” is sheathed in blue plastic
  • Plastic cap included.
  • Made in the USA


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