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Garden tool reviews
and how-to guides
for avid gardeners.

Garden tool reviews
and how-to guides
for avid gardeners.

Discover the best garden tools on the market and learn how to care for them so they perform well year after year.

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Tool Care
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Stop settling for dull, rusty tools and cracked handles.
Learn the basics of garden tool care in this 100% free mini-course. You’ll learn:

  • The right way to sharpen a garden tool.
  • How to take care of your wooden tool handles.
  • Our best tips for succeeding with hand tools.
  • How to maintain good posture while working.

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Wooden Handle Care Ebook Cover

Free course includes 4 printable PDF guides
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"Super helpful. Detail enough..... not too much and not too little. I saved this so that I can refer back to it. Now I’ll know which file to buy as well."

Mike Plake

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Garden Tool Care
Master List

Best Oils for
Garden Tools

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Discover the simple tools you need to keep your garden tools in top form.

Includes cleaning, oiling, sharpening and more.

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Learn the three basic types of oil for your garden tools and what we recommend.

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Garden Tools - Nice Feel

"I was tired of the ace hardware junk I had for years. These are high quality, nice feel.”
Steven L. | Japanese Tool Set

Dream Saw

"omg, I love this tool (I'm a pruner by trade). It balances in-hand like a dream. It cuts live wood like butter. The scabbard is a single-wood-piece work of art. Thanks to Matt and The Tool Merchants for curating such an excellent Japanese saw. It's the perfect next-longer addition to my hand saw collection.”
Erin M. | Japanese Pruning Saw

Super Tool

"I just want to thank the tool merchant for helping an eco farmer like myself. This tool is a game changer. Super sharp and light. On top of it all it made it to Puerto Rico in like three days I couldn't believe it! I would give six stars if I could."
Roberto I. | Japanese Sickle