What are the Best Oils for Garden Tools?

Over the years, we’ve tried many types of oil on my garden tools.
Here are our current recommendations.

Oil for Wooden Handles

Boiled Linseed Oil
Boiled linseed oil penetrates and moisturizes wooden tool handles. It also hardens somewhat to form a protective barrier.

Most boiled linseed oil has chemical drying agents added. This oil from Tried and True is made the old fashioned way and is non-toxic and food safe.

Read “How to Care for Wooden Tool Handles” to learn how to apply linseed oil.

Oils for Lubricating Moving Parts

Camellia Oil
This plant-based, non toxic oil stays viscous in cold weather. It’s perfect for lubricating pruning tools and hoes with moving parts, like the Hula Hoe.

3-in-1 Oil
Though not as “clean” as Camellia oil, this petroleum based oil does the trick.

Lithium Grease
Whenever my pruners or loppers are disassembled, I like to use a dab of lithium grease between the two blades. It lasts longer than Camellia oil.



Oil for Protecting Metal

Vegetable Oil Spray
I’ve been experimenting with spray-on oil for protecting tools before winter storage. 

This oil won’t last as long as 3-in-1 oil but it’s quick to apply and is non-toxic.

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