Garden Tool Care Master List

Discover the tools that will help you care for your garden tools.

Cleaning Garden Tools

Wire Brushes
Stiff bristles scrape loose dirt and rust.

Rust Erasing Blocks
Great for rough polishing of pruner parts and removing rust where sandpaper or wire brush are impractical.

Drill Powered Wire Wheels
Good for stubborn rust and grime.

Rubbing Alcohol
Removes sap and other build-up from hard-to-reach places.

White Vinegar
Soak tools overnight to remove heavy or hard-to-reach rust.

Rags from Recycled Clothes
You’ll need em.

Oil for Garden Tools

Camellia Oil
Plant-based, non toxic oil that stays viscous in cold weather. Perfect for pruning tools.

Boiled Linseed Oil
Protects and preserves wood handles. Non-toxic and food safe.

Vegetable Oil Spray
I use this to coat metal tools before winter storage.


Farmer’s File
An excellent all-purpose sharpening file for flat bladed garden tools, axes, machetes, etc. This file has both single and double cut surfaces. Very useful. 

Half-Round File
Bahco makes some of the best files available. Half round files will sharpen round point shovels and other concave surfaces.

Speedy Sharp
My go-to pruner and lopper sharpener for quick touch-ups.

Diamond Hones
These are great for thorough pruner and lopper sharpening.

Compact Water Stone
This is a great hand-held sharpening stone for sickles, axes, mauls and machetes.


Bench Vise
A valuable sharpening aid, among other things. Critical for country-living

Hold stuff down so you can use both hands. Useful.

Chisel Sharpies
Helpful sharpening aid.

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