Where to Buy Quality Garden Tools

Don’t settle for box-store tool mediocrity. There are many online retailers of quality garden tools. This list will help you find them.

I’ve included links, locations and my favorite tools from certain retailers.
Drop me a line if you know of a retailer that’s not listed here.

Earth Tools BCS (Kentucky)

Earth Tools has an eclectic selection of high-quality tools. Their prices are excellent and they walk their talk.

They don’t offer online ordering so be prepared to call.

Recommendations: SHW Midweight Choppers, Dewit Half Moon Hoe, SHW Garden Rake.

Visit Earth Tools BCS.


Easy Digging also has an interesting mix of garden tools and some good how-to info.

They’ve been in business a while and have a good track record with many positive reviews.

Recommendations: Grub Hoes, Fork Hoe

Visit Easy Digging

Dewit Half Moon Hoe Main 2 - Best Weeding tool for small weeds
Earth Tools BCS carries a variety of nice garden tools. This Half Moon hoe is one of my favorites.
Falci Grub Hoe Main 1 - Best Weeding tool for large weeds and more
The grub hoes at Easy Digging are solid tools.
Angelo B 3 Tine Hoe
Click to visit Garden Tool Co.
Amman Hula Hoe, oscillating hoe, Head 1
Click to visit Grow Organic.


I haven’t bought any tools from them yet, but it looks like a good selection.

Visit Garden Tool Co


Like Johnny’s, Peaceful Valley (Grow Organic) has an extensive selection of quality garden tools.


Visit Grow Organic

Hida is the place to go for Japanese garden tools. They also have a nice selection of sharpening stones, saws and other Japanese hand tools.

Recommendations: Nejiri Hand Weeder, Seikouba Sickle, Ika Hoe.

Visit Hida Tool.


Johnny’s tool selection is extensive; and though it is geared toward the market gardener and farmer, home-scale gardeners can also make use of many of their tools.

Recommendations: Bahco Pruners, Stirrup Hoe, Collinear Hoe.

Visit Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

Japanese Sickle main
Click to visit Hida Tool.
Amman Collinear Hoe 3
Click to visit Johnny's.
Click to visit Meadow Creature.


Meadow Creature makes an incredibly tough and durable broadfork. Highly recommended.

Recommendations: 14″ Broadfork 

Visit Meadow Creature

Amazon (everywhere)

Amazon boasts a huge array of tools, most of which you don’t want anything to do with. There are some good ones, though.

Click here to read my guide to the best garden tools on Amazon.

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