Dewit Diamond Hoe


Dewit Diamond Hoe

A Dewit Diamond Hoe is a good choice if you catch your weeds while they are still small, and want a tool that is fast, accurate and easy on the body.  Sharpened on four sides, this tool cuts weeds in all directions laying flat on the soil or just  below the soil surface.   This tool can also tackle weeds in loose gravel or wood chip mulch.

With care, it can weed right up to the base of your  plants.  All Dewit tools are hand forged from high carbon steel, and hold a sharp edge.

Handles are Ash from FSC Certified Forests.

Differences between the standard diamond hoe and the extra-long, pistol grip model:

The p-grip handle keeps your hand in a neutral position while weeding, if you have wrist trouble or will be using the tool for extended periods, this is a nice option.

The p-grip model is 14″ longer than the standard model.   This allows you to use the tool in a fully upright position.   The standard model requires a slight stoop if you want to lay the blade flat on the surface.

The downside of the extra length is that you end up quite far from whatever it is you’re weeding, this can make it hard to work accurately around tender plants.

The p-grip head fastens to the handle with a through nut and bolt, while the standard model uses a single screw (see photo).


  • High Carbon, Forged Head 1.5″ x 7.5″
  • FSC Certified Ash Handle 60″
  • P-grip handle is 74″ long
  • Weighs 2 lbs 3 oz
  • Made in Holland

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Standard 60" Handle, Long 74" P-Grip Handle


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