7″ Collinear Hoe


This Swiss made collinear hoe is arguably our most effective, low impact, precision weeder for small weeds in cultivated ground.

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7″ Collinear Hoe

A collinear hoe is  designed to be held in a fully upright position, with your thumbs pointing up.  In this way, the thin blade lays flat on the ground, slicing weeds as you pull the tool back toward you in a sweeping motion.  Of all our weeders this is the easiest on the body.

The narrow blade causes very little soil disturbance, but on the flip side because it’s so narrow (from front to back), this hoe can’t do much chopping.

Think of it as your samurai weeder, a good choice when your weeds are small, and when speed, accuracy and conservation of energy are your top priorities.

  • 7″ Spring steel, replaceable blade.
  • Galvanized, socket-style head
  • Ash handle
  • 68″ Overall

Made in Switzerland by Amman Co.

Some Assembly Required:  See video tab, above

Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 7 × 7 in


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