Japanese Double-Sided Diamond Sharpener


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Japanese Double-Sided Diamond Sharpener

This little diamond sharpener has the  potential to be one of the most versatile tools in your kit.

One side of this  diamond coated file is an extra coarse 120 grit for initial sharpening or  repairing a damaged blade.  The second side is a coarse 300 grit for finishing your blade with a toothy edge, or as a middle step before moving onto a finer grit stone or carbide.

The thin, narrow  file can repair damaged or extremely dull pruners and loppers, but it is perhaps best suited  to hoes, shovels etc.  The diamond cutting surface should last a very long time, and can sharpen very hard steels that a common file cannot.

Note 1:  Unless your pruners or loppers are extremely dull or damaged, do not use this file, it is too coarse.  For moderately dull, undamaged cutting tools, we recommend our carbide sharpener, compact sharpening stone, or one of our full size sharpening stones.

Note 2:  This sharpener requires a break-in period before it cuts at its smoothest.  In other words, it will leave a rougher edge the first few times you use it.  For this reason, we recommend you begin by sharpening your less fine tools, such as garden hoes, before moving onto pruners, loppers etc.

  •  4″ file surface, 8.25″ overall
  • Diamond coated steel, polymer “handle”
  • Double sided:  120/300 grit
  • Made in Japan

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 1 × 1 in