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Japanese Pruning Saw – Gyokucho Kobiki


This Japanese pruning saw from Gyokucho is an excellent all-around saw for cutting green (living wood) in your orchard or forest.   It features an elegant, slim wood handle and sheath paired with a high carbon, stainless steel blade that has been impulse hardened for a long working life.

The slim, wooden handle is aesthetically pleasing and more importantly very comfortable for smaller hands or extended use.

Impulse hardening is something of a high-tech blacksmith technique where the teeth are heated and hardened very quickly.   Hard teeth stay sharp longer, some say up to 3 times longer than non-hardened teeth.   Only the teeth are hardened so the remainder of the blade remains flexible and less likely to break.

The downside of this hardening is that the blade cannot be sharpened.   Replacement blades are available.

Like other Japanese pruning saws, this saw cuts on the pull stroke only.   This is easier on the body and allows for the saw to be made with a thinner blade, further decreasing the effort it takes to cut material.

Another feature/benefit of this pruning saw is that the teeth are slightly smaller near the handle and larger near the tip of the blade.   This makes starting cuts smoother as small teeth are less likely to chatter.

  • With 7 teeth per inch this saw is designed to prune green wood in the orchard or forest.
  •  13″, implulse-hardened blade will cut quickly and leave a smooth finish on branches or trees up to about 6.5″.
  • Wood handle and sheath with belt loop.
  • Replaceable blade.   1 mm thick
  • 19″ overall.   Weighs only 11.5 oz with sheath.

Made in Japan

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 3 in


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