Mora Companion Carbon Steel Knife


Sharp,  durable, and made with easily sharpenable high carbon steel.  This is a fantastic knife at a fantastic price.

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Mora Companion Carbon  Steel

The Mora Companion carbon  steel knife is a solid all-purpose belt knife for the farm, camp, bushcraft use, or simply stowed in your glove box as a back up.   It is made from Swedish high carbon  steel, hardened to 59-60  on the Rockwell Scale.  This gives the knife excellent edge retention, while maintaining the ease of sharpening that carbon steel knives are known for.

It clicks firmly into the sheath for safe keeping, and has a thumb “nub” to help pull the knife out.   The belt loop fits over the belt, so you don’t have to remove your belt to take the knife on and off.

Wonderful value.

Note:  Carbon steel is known and loved for its ability to hold a keen edge while being easy to sharpen, on the flip side it is also known to rust.  To avoid this, simply wipe off your knife after use and apply a coat of oil from time to time.  Over time it will patina to a lovely, unique shade of gray, further protecting the steel from rust.  You can also force a patina on a new knife.


  • Blade is 4.1″ long and .1″ thick
  • 8.6″overall, 4.1 oz
  • Sandvik high carbon  steel, 3/4 Tang
  • Scandinavian grind is easy to sharpen and offers good control when carving
  • Grippy rubber handle for average sized hands
  • Made in Sweden since 1891

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 1 in