Council Tool Hudson Bay Axe


Council Tool produces a solid workman’s tool.   It is made with quality materials and a steady hand, but without the polished, razor sharp edges found in higher end axes.   This keeps the price way down, and makes for a practical tool that you won’t be afraid to use hard.

Council Tool Hudson Bay Axe

Since 1886 Council Tool has been making quality, no-frills tools.

Their Hudson Bay Axe comes in two overall lengths 17″ and 26″.

The 17″ is very packable, great for splitting kindling and general camp use.

The 26″ is perhaps my favorite length of any axe I own.   It is very versatile:   it can split kindling, split small diameter firewood, and fell small trees while still being just small enough to strap to a pack.   For these reasons, it is an ideal camping axe, but it also fits in well on the homestead. (I split most of my kindling with this axe because I can go from quartered firewood to kindling without changing axes).

Each axe features an 1.75 lb head, drop forged of carbon tool steel and hardened to Rockwell 48-55.

The handle is American Hickory, and each axe comes with a simple but functional leather sheath.

Woodtrekker wrote a good review of the 26″ Hudson Bay Axe.


Please Note:

These tools are intended for real work, but they are not finely finished.   In other words, they do not come shaving sharp and depending on your preference you may wish to thin the profile of the axe somewhat.

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