Falci Grub Hoe


Just like a hammer can do more than just pound nails, a heavy duty grub hoe can do more than chop out weeds, though it does that well. Used by farmers and peasants the world over, a grub hoe can break sod for planting, shape raised beds, incorporate amendments, quickly chop out large weeds, clear pathways and dig trenches.

This Italian grub hoe is slightly heavier and more robust, but less refined than our German-made, SHW Grub Hoe


Falci Grub Hoe

A good grub hoe is a workhorse around the garden and farm.   One can be used for many jobs, from “tilling” to trenching to weeding.   It can even replace a shovel in certain circumstances, and your back will be thankful.

Two choices:   a full size hoe with a 5.5″ wide head and a thick, oval handle; or a compact version with a 4.25″ head and a smaller, round handle.

The full size grub hoe is a very sturdy tool, intended for heavier work like breaking sod, pulling out bunch grass, weeding pathways and digging trenches.  It also has use when building trails, fire breaks and small earth works.

The compact version is capable of weeding pathways, mixing amendments, and bed preparation; but some care should be taken when doing heavier work such as breaking sod or digging trenches.

Both have the proper blade angle and good heft which allow for easier soil penetration.

Features and Specs:

  • Forged, carbon steel head is durable and easy to sharpen.  Choose either the 4.25″/1.3 lb or the 5.5″/2.2 lb head.
  • 55″ beech-wood handle.   Oval profile on the full size hoe, round profile on the compact version.
  • Round/oval eye is forged for durability and makes for easy handle replacement.

Forged by Falci  in  Italy

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4.25"/1.3 lb head, 5.5"/2.2 lb head