How to Sharpen a Japanese Sickle [Video Guide]

How to Sharpen a Japanese Sickle

I’ve said it before, sharp tools make your work easier and more fun.

So don’t settle for a dull sickle. If you think you can’t sharpen your Japanese sickle – or have never done it before –  this guide is for you. I believe in you.

If you’ve never sharpened anything before, try sharpening a garden hoe or shovel first, it will be good practice for sharpening a sickle, which is more complicated.

Ready? Let’s go.


Table of Contents:
01:33 – Rust Erasing Block
04:02 – Marking Bevel
04:53 – Sharpening Begins
08:18 – Feeling for a Burr
12:52 – Sharpening Standing Up
14:24 – 2nd Pass with 1000 Grit Stone
17:36 – Why Sharpen the Whole Bevel?
19:30 – Removing the Burr
20:51 – Stropping With Your Pants
22:15 – How do you know when it’s sharp
23:02 – Other Sharpening Options
24:05 – Diamond Stone
24:47 – Ceramic Stone
25:04 – Carbide File
26:13 – Mill File
26:42 – Blade and Handle Care

Purchase a sickle, here.

Purchase a sharpening stone, here.

Purchase Camellia oil, here.