Hand Tools and Kids

garden tools for kids

We all want our kids to help out: to clean up their messes, feed the cat, maybe gather the eggs.   Life works more smoothly when they do, they get the satisfaction of contributing to the team effort, and us parents get some much needed help. Getting them going with hand tools is a step …

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Basic Plant Propagation by Cutting

How to propagate by cutting

Last week, I attended a plant propagation workshop just up the road at our neighborhoods’ own kick butt permaculture farm, Seven Seeds Farm.   Seven Seeds is a diverse operation: they raise produce, tree crops, chickens, ducks, sheep and goats, as well as being the home base for Siskiyou Seeds, a new bio regional seed …

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Buckwheat, a Garden Ally

Photo of Squash Growing with Buckwheat

Every year around this time I’m reminded how much I love buckwheat.  There are many reasons to love and utilize this fast growing pseudo-cereal, not technically a cereal (like wheat), which grow on a grass, but a fruit seed, grown on a broadleaf plant (like quinoa or amaranth). I use buckwheat mostly as a cover …

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Video: “Get Gangster with Your Shovel”

Ron Finley is a guerrilla gardener in South Central LA.   I was laughing out loud in parts of this.   Poignant and inspiring.   Enjoy.     If you like this, check out this thread at permies.com, it’s full of interesting and inspiring permaculture related videos.