How to Sharpen Mora Knives

Mora companion carbon steel knife - blade

Here are two videos  that clearly demonstrate how to sharpen Mora Bushcraft and Carving knives, or any other knife with a flat or Scandi ground edge.

In the first video, Ben Orford is using one of his own custom knives, but the process is the same on a Mora.  Enjoy!

Slightly different approach, but same result:

2 thoughts on “How to Sharpen Mora Knives”

  1. Hi Matt, really enjoyed these videos.

    I’m wondering if you might be able to to recommend an affordable Japanese waterstone? I mean, I’m sharpening a $12 knife here, so I’d rather stay below $30-40 if possible.

    Again, these are very good videos. I particularly appreciated Mr. Orford’s resistance to overcomplicating things — that’s nice to get from an expert, and much appreciated.

    Thanks again,

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