Partner Discounts and Offers

We’ve partnered up with some great companies to offer you discounts on other products we think you’ll enjoy. This page highlights these products and tells you how to apply your discounts.

Broadforks from Meadow Creature

To save 10% on any single broadfork, use code “tool1” at checkout.

To save 5% on any two pack of broadforks, use code “tool2” at checkout.


A broadfork allows you to deeply aerate your soil without inversion, compaction, or the stooping required when using a smaller digging fork.

Meadow Creature’s broadforks are arguably the very best on the market.  Made from high-strength alloy steel, they are built to last a lifetime.

They offer a lifetime guarantee against breakage and have a generous 30 day return policy.

Scythes from One Scythe Revolution

To save 10%, email or call in your order with reference to the The Tool Merchants.

Note: this discount is ONLY available during November and December.

A good scythe and some skill can free you from your lawn mower and weed whacker.

This tool requires no gas, filters etc, is great exercise, and allows you to harvest your own hay, straw and more by hand.

One Scythe Revolution has, in our opinion, the best European Scythes on the market.

They offer a variety of blades for different mowing conditions, a selection of adjustable handles to accommodate different heights, and an assortment of accessories and maintenance tools.

Botan knows his stuff and will help you get the right scythe outfit for your needs.

Sea Vegetables from Naturespirit Herbs

To save 10% on all sea vegetables, powders and capsules, use coupon code “toolmerchants” at checkout.

Naturespirit Herbs has been wildcrafting sea vegetables and medicinal plants from the wild for over 20 years.

Their products are ecologically hand harvested and minimally processed for high potency and nutritional value.

Seaweeds are rich in anti-oxidants, immune enhancing polysaccharides, and contain iodine, selenium and a host of other trace minerals.

This nutrient dense food supports healthy thyroid function and metabolism, mood and your general well-being.

Mushroom Drinks from Four Sigmatic

To save 10%, use coupon code “gardenbuzz” at checkout.

Four Sigmatic makes a variety of mushroom coffees and elixirs which are reported to improve cognitive and immune function and reduce stress.

Our favorites are the mushroom coffees and the caffeine-free Chaga elixir.

Films from Possible Media

To save 10%, use coupon code “TOOLMERCHANTS” at checkout.

Note: Possible media has multiple webpages, including The Permaculture Orchard and Permaculture Skills. Your coupon is valid on all three sites.

Possible Media produces inspiring and educational films about permaculture, small-scale farming, natural building, and more.

The Permaculture Orchard and Gracie’s Backyard are two of our favorites.

Minimalist Shoes from Lems

To save 15%, use coupon code “thetoolmerchant” at checkout.

Lems makes light, flexible shoes in a variety of styles.

I’ve been wearing a pair of their Boulder Boots for nearly two years. They’re pretty amazing.

Check out my full review to learn more.

Educational Content from Justin Rhodes

To save 50%, use coupon code “matts” at checkout.

Justin Rhodes is a homesteader and teacher who focuses on permaculture and integrating animals into the garden and homestead.