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Garden Tools - Nice Feel

"Knife arrived in good time and in pristine shape. As a former chef I know a sharp knife well, and this one takes the cake; cuts through oak like warm butter. Comfortable, stylish, and damn good at what it does, couldn't ask for better.”
Mark W. | Mora Carving Knife

Dewit Diamond Hoe

"This tool has been my new go-to favorite tool for weeding. When the tips are sliding just under the soil's surface, you can't see them, but need to know just how close you dare be. A couple of plants did die as I learned to expertly use it. It's made my must-have list.”
Scott H. | Dewit Diamond Hoe

Very Sturdy and High Quality

"I was surprised immediately by the weight of it. It felt very substantial. And then I was very surprised at how sharp it was. It was works great. I've bought a lot of cheap tools on amazon, but glad I made the investment for a quality tool here."
Nathan P. | Japanese Sickle

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Who is This For?

The membership is a good option if you are setting up a homestead, small farm, survival retreat or simply want the best prices on quality tools for your backyard garden.

It is also a great choice for local buying clubs or coops that wish to order in larger quantities and share the shipping costs.

Partner Discounts

We’ve arranged some discounts for you from a select group of businesses
whose products and services will enrich your life in a variety of ways.

Meadow Creature Broadforks

A broadfork allows you to deeply aerate your soil without inversion, compaction, or the stooping required when using a smaller digging fork.

Meadow Creature's broadforks are arguably the very best on the market. Made from high-strength alloy steel, they are built to last a lifetime.

They offer a lifetime guarantee against breakage and have a generous 30 day return policy.

Save 10% on any single broadfork and 5% on any two pack of broadforks.

Naturespirit Herbs

Naturespirit Herbs has been wildcrafting sea vegetables and medicinal plants from the wild for over 20 years.

Their products are ecologically hand harvested and minimally processed for high potency and nutritional value.
Check out their powdered seaweeds.

Save 10%

One Scythe Revolution

One Scythe Revolution has, in our opinion, the best European Scythes on the market.

They offer a variety of blades for different mowing conditions, a selection of adjustable handles to accommodate different heights, and an assortment of accessories and maintenance tools.

Botan knows his stuff and will help you get the right scythe outfit for your needs.

Save 10%

Possible Media

Possible Media has produced some inspiring and educational films about permaculture, small-scale farming, natural building, and fermenting.

Their movies teach and inspire! The Permaculture Orchard and Gracie's Backyard are two of our favorites.

Save 10%

Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic makes a variety of mushroom coffees and elixirs that are reported to improve cognitive and immune function and reduce stress.

Our favorites are the mushroom coffees and the caffeine-free Chaga elixir.

Save 10%

Courses with Chef Frank G.

Learn the arts of fermentation, making herbal medicines and more-from the comfort of your own home-with Frank Giglio of Three Lily Provisions.

Frank is a classically trained chef, homesteader, forager and fisherman with a deep knowledge of food preservation and how to use local and wild foods in the home kitchen.

Save 10%

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Please Note: The membership must be purchased separately before you receive discounted pricing.

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