Video: “Reasons to Love Bahco Pruners”

Bahco Pruner Overview

Over the last 8 years working on farms and our own homestead, I’ve used many pruners from different brands, including Zenport, ARS, Corona and Felco.   Around 4 years ago, I bought a pair of all metal Bahco pruners when they caught my eye at a garden store; I’ve stuck with them ever since, and they are still going strong.

You’ll hear me rattle on about their features in the videos below, but I continue to pick these up simply because they cut cleanly, hold a sharp edge and feel great in the hand (they come in 3 handle sizes).   An added benefit, they cost less than other pruners in their class.

Bahco pruners aren’t as well known as some other brands , so I’m excited to offer them, and hope to make some Bahco converts out of you. 🙂

This one covers the P-Series, Bahco’s less expensive, no frills pruner:


This next video is an overview of the PX-Series, designed for the more frequent user, with some features unique to Bahco:

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