Sharpening File – Half Round or Farmer’s Own


The humble sharpening file is a valuable addition to your tool kit.

A sharp garden tool will make your work, whether weeding, digging or sod busting, easier and more enjoyable.

Maintaining a sharp edge is also a fairly straightforward and rewarding task.  Read our article, How to Sharpen Garden Tools

As Abe Lincoln supposedly said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

We offer you two choices plus a set:


10″ Half Round File  (pictured with blue handle)

This sharpening file has two sides each with its own purpose.  One is round for sharpening your round point shovels, while the second side is flat for sharpening flat bladed tools such as garden hoes, spades etc.

The flat side is double cut (with cutting lines running in both directions), so it removes metal very quickly but by the same token leaves a coarser finish than the Farmer’s Own file.  Because of it’s aggressiveness, this file is great for repairing damaged edges and for initial sharpening of very dull tools.

Note:  the handle on this file can be reused on another file when this one goes dull.

10″ Farmer’s Own File (with integrated metal handle)

This sharpening file is ideal for putting a relatively smooth, ready-to-use cutting edge on your flat bladed gardening tools – weeders, hoes, spades etc.  Both sides are  flat and single cut (cutting lines running in one direction).

Like sharpening stones, files come in various “grits” which determine how fast metal is removed and how smooth an edge it leaves.  This particular file is a “second cut”, so it leaves a smoother finish than a “bastard” file but a coarser finish than a “smooth cut” file.  I find this to be a nice middle ground that removes metal quickly enough but leaves a smooth finish.  Check this out if you’d like to learn a bit more about sharpening files.  

If you can only have one, this is your best bet.

Sharpening File Set (save 15%)

These two files make a nice team.  The half round will take care of your round point shovels and quickly sharpen any  very dull or damaged tools.  The farmer’s own is a great follow-up which will smooth your cutting edges and maintain your blades over the course of the season.

Sharpening files do have a lifespan and will dull over time.  Using  these files in combination will lengthen  the usable life of each.

Made in Portugal by Bludan, one of the oldest file manufacturers in Europe, dating back to 1792.

Learn how to use a file to sharpen garden tools.

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10" Half Round File, 10" Farmer's Own File, File Set