Mora Classic #1


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Mora Classic #1

The Mora Classic #1 has found its way onto belts and into packs of outdoorsmen for over 100 years.

It has a simple, time-tested design that is suitable for a range of duties including outdoor/camping, general farm use and carving.

The neutral birch handle accommodates a wide range of grips, while the high carbon steel, Scandinavian ground blade maintains a sharp edge and is easy to resharpen when needed.

The plastic sheath is nothing to write home about, but it does protect the blade, and a piece of rope or fabric can be used to fasten it to your belt or pack.

This is arguably the best value in a fixed blade knife anywhere.

Care Notes:  (1) This knife is carbon steel and will rust if left wet.  To avoid this, simply wipe the knife down after use and oil occasionally (any cooking oil will do).  Over time, the blade may patina to a nice gray color, this further protects the knife from corrosion.

(2) Where the knife blade enters the handle there is small gap where water and moisture can enter.  A dab of super glue in that hole will keep water out and prevent any moisture damage over the long term.

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  • 3.9″ high carbon steel blade, Scandi/flat ground, Rockewell 59
  • 7.9″ overall
  • 2.8 oz with sheath.  1.9 oz knife alone
  • Birch Handle
  • 3/4 tang
  • Plastic Sheath
  • Made in Sweden since 1891

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 3 in


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