Short Handle Garden Tool Set


The Ika Hoe and the Nejiri or Dutch Hand Hoe are our favorite hand weeders.   We own others, but these get put in the garden tote or wheelbarrow most often when heading out to dig, plant and weed.

Together, they cover your bases: scrape, chop, uproot, slice, cultivate, dig holes for transplanting.   You will find them very useful and durable.

Save 12% when you purchase the set.

Please choose either the Nejiri or the Dewit Dutch Hoe to go with the Ika.

Detailed description below.


Short Handle Garden Tools Set

Our short handle garden tools set saves you money on possibly the last two hand tools you’ll need to buy.

Here’s why:

The Ika Hoe is great for weeding in tougher, less cultivated ground, and can handle grass, clover and tougher weeds. (though you might consider leaving the clover and weeds!)  It  chops, scrapes, uproots, cultivates and makes quick and easy holes for transplants  for veggies and bulbs.

The Nejiri and the Dutch hoe are better suited to annuals or well-tended perennials.  They are slicing tools that excel at quickly removing small to medium weeds in looser, cultivated ground.

Together, these tools make a great combo.

If price and light weight are priorities then go with the Nejiri.

If strength, length and a lifetime warranty are priorities, go with the Dutch Hoe.

Shipped with eco friendly packaging materials

Free, easy returns with our  Tool in Hand Guarantee

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Japanese Nejiri Scraper, Dewit Dutch Hoe