Digging Hoes

A garden workhorse: a good digging hoe can chop out weeds, “till” overgrown beds, break up hard soil and dig a trench.

Well known around the world, this type of tool is less familiar to US gardeners.

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  • SHW Grub Hoe Main Out of stock

    SHW 5.5″ Grub Hoe

  • Magna Grecia Hoe Separate Out of stock

    Magna Grecia Hoe

  • Japanese Ika Hoe 1 Out of stock
  • Falci Grub Hoe Main 1 - Best Weeding tool for large weeds and more Out of stock

    Falci Grub Hoe

  • Dewit Canterbury Eye Hoe (Short Handle) Out of stock
  • -28% Angelo B 3 Tine Hoe Out of stock

    Angelo 3 Tine Hoe

    $39.00 $28.00
  • -20% Falci Double Sided Garden Hoe 3 Out of stock