Digging Tools

Digging doesn’t always sound like much fun, but once the trees are planted or the potatoes are in cold storage we sure are glad we have good digging tools.

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  • SHW Grub Hoe Main Out of stock

    SHW 5.5″ Grub Hoe

  • Magna Grecia Hoe Separate Out of stock

    Magna Grecia Hoe

  • Japanese Ika Hoe 1 Out of stock
  • Slammer Tool w/ Man
  • Clarington Forge Garden Fork Main Out of stock

    Clarington Forge Garden Fork

  • Hori Hori Knife 2
  • Falci Grub Hoe Main 1 - Best Weeding tool for large weeds and more Out of stock

    Falci Grub Hoe

  • -10% Clarington forge spade and fork set 1 Out of stock
  • Dewit Forged Trowels Full 1 Out of stock
  • Clarington Forge Garden Spade Main Out of stock
  • Photo of Wilcox Stainless Trowel Out of stock
  • SHW Compost Fork Main Out of stock