Holiday Gift Guide


A quality tool makes a wonderful gift that will stay by your side for years to come.

Give your friends and family a simple, durable gift that they can put to hard use planting, tending and harvesting the bounties of the garden.

A new gardener needs tools that work well for the most common tasks but don’t break the bank (in case the new hobby falls by the wayside).  Here’s a selection of tools that fit the bill.

Our top picks:

Short Handle Tool Set

Lifetime Digging Spade

German Garden Rake

Italian Grub Hoe

Less common tools to surprise and delight a seasoned gardener.

Our top picks:

Japanese Sickle

Magna Grecia Hoe

Swiss Hula Hoe

Dewit Half Moon Hoe

Gardening in raised beds is increasingly common in backyard gardens and homesteads alike.  These tools are particularly well suited to the light, loose soil found there.

Our top picks:

Forged Cultivators

Precision Cape Cod Weeder

Forged Trowels

Short Handle Garden Tool Set

Homesteaders tend to be self-reliant and hard working.  They also work in a variety of circumstances.  Here are some durable tools  to help bring in the harvest.

Our top picks:

Hori Hori Knife

Swedish Belt Knife

Lifetime Spade and Fork Set

German Grub Hoe

Check out some of our best selling tools.

Our personal favorites:

Dewit Dutch Hand Hoe

Magna Gracia Hoe

German Grub Hoe

Swedish Belt Knife


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