Fave Knife Review

Fave Knife Review  2.5 out of 5 stars

I discovered and purchased a Fave knife through Huckberry, this groovy online gear and apparel store for men.  The knife was designed  by One Hundred Co and manufactured for them by  R. Murphy Knives.  I had not heard of R. Murphy, but they’ve been around since the 1800s, so they must be doing something right.

The Fave knife was crowdfunded on Kickstarter the summer of 2015.  Interest and support of the project was pretty incredible, and One Hundred Co (a father and son duo) raised over $7000 (over 7000% of their target amount).

So what is it?  Essentially, it’s a  fixed blade knife with a high carbon stainless blade, a reclaimed hardwood handle and a full tang.

The real selling point of the knife is that it’s made in the USA with all US materials.  Not that I have anything against tools that are made overseas (just look at our catalog), but it’s nice to see a company that has the “keep it local” ethic behind it.

I purchased the 4″ blade version with a walnut handle.  They also make a 3″ model, which in retrospect probably would have been a better choice.

It’s a beautiful knife, reminiscent in its look and character to the simple, elegant Opinel knives or the Mora classic line.  It came reasonably sharp, and though the grind was a little wide in places, for the price ($65) I was satisfied.

My trouble with the knife began on first handling.  The handle is short, I mean. kid-size knife short (I compare it the Mora Kid’s Knife in the video, and the Kid’s knife has a slightly longer handle).  It doesn’t sit very well in my hand, and because of that, the blade just feels too close, as if one slip means ouch.

I wanted to give the knife a fair chance, so I carried it around for the next few weeks, putting it through the paces.  You know, manly stuff like sharpening pencils and opening boxes, cutting carrots in the kitchen.  Our fall chicken slaughter coincided with the knife being in my pocket, so I put it to work helping with slaughter and butcher.

How did it perform?  To be honest, nothing too special, but at least it was better than I expected  it to be when I first handled it.  I think there is some real potential here, and I’d love to try the knife with a longer handle.  Better stitching on the sheath is in order, too.  For now, my Mora Companion is still my go-to belt knife.

If I haven’t dissuaded you yet, you can find the Fave Knife here.