Buckwheat, a Garden Ally

Photo of Squash Growing with Buckwheat

Every year around this time I’m reminded how much I love buckwheat.  There are many reasons to love and utilize this fast growing pseudo-cereal, not technically a cereal (like wheat), which grow on a grass, but a fruit seed, grown on a broadleaf plant (like quinoa or amaranth). I use buckwheat mostly as a cover …

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Video: “Get Gangster with Your Shovel”

Ron Finley is a guerrilla gardener in South Central LA.   I was laughing out loud in parts of this.   Poignant and inspiring.   Enjoy.     If you like this, check out this thread at permies.com, it’s full of interesting and inspiring permaculture related videos.

How To Save Winter Squash Seed

Buttercup Squash

Today I want to write a bit about what Carol Deppe, in her book The Resilient Gardener, calls “the ultimate act of gardening resilience:”   Saving our own garden seeds.   In this case, how to save winter squash seed.   If you haven’t checked her book out, I highly recommend it.   It’s easy …

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