Yoga for Gardeners

Yoga for gardeners - Wrist Opener 5

This guest post was written by Cassidy Geppert.  Cassidy is a licensed Yoga teacher and an avid gardener.  Read her bio  * The yoga sequence is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you are experiencing pain please see your physician or other health care provider before attempting any yoga poses.* The following is a …

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How to Sharpen Mora Knives

Mora companion carbon steel knife - blade

Here are two videos  that clearly demonstrate how to sharpen Mora Bushcraft and Carving knives, or any other knife with a flat or Scandi ground edge. In the first video, Ben Orford is using one of his own custom knives, but the process is the same on a Mora.  Enjoy! Slightly different approach, but same …

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What Makes a Quality Tool?

Opinel 8 - Folding Knife Comparison Open

You might be asking yourself what I actually mean by a quality tool.   Is it just marketing jargon? Perhaps more importantly you are wondering why it even matters, I mean, most tools are the same, right? If you’re a craftsman of any kind, if it’s a hobby and especially if it’s your livelihood, you …

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