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Hoedag Culti-Hoe Review

Hoedag Culti-Hoe Review Nearly Perfect. Swipe for more photos At a Glance This style of hand hoe (3 tines on one side and flat blade on the other) is most useful and one of my favorites. The Culti-Hoe is well built, made in America, and has replacement parts. Most importantly, it performs like a champ. …

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Falci Double Sided Garden Hoe

Falci Double Sided Garden Hoe 3

Save 20% on this brand new hoe.

This is a very nice, mid-sized garden hoe.  We are still looking for a version with 3 tines, which is why this one is in the clearance section.

7″ Collinear Hoe

Amman Collinear Hoe 1

This Swiss made collinear hoe is arguably our most effective, low impact, precision weeder for small weeds in cultivated ground.