Bahco P1-20

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Help Us Evaluate These Pruners – Save 40% in exchange for your honest feedback

We’re considering adding a new pruner model to our lineup and would love to get some honest feedback before investing in a pile of them.

Would you try one at a low price in exchange for your feedback?

If the overall impression is good, we’ll add the pruners to our store. If not, we’ll keep looking.

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We’re big fans of Bahco’s pruning tools, but their all-metal pruners don’t have replacement parts and their other pro-grade pruners that do have replacement parts cost $40 and upward.

These have Bahco’s high carbon, Swedish steel, ergonomic handles and replaceable parts for around $30. That seems like a good deal to us.

They are sized for average hands and will cut up to 3/4″.

We can’t find any reviews of this model online, so we’re curious (and hopeful) that this tool is a winner.

Try one at 40% off, put them to the test, and tell us what you think.

Thanks for your help!