Books: Plants, Cultivation and Soil

Holistic Orchard

The Holistic Orchard

This book is a treasure trove of how-to, beyond organic tree care and pattern literacy for the home/homestead orchard. I refer to this one often. Highly recommended.

Resilient Gardener

The Resilient Gardener

Unlike other gardening books that cover most vegetables but in little detail, this book takes 4 food crops + eggs and goes deep into each. Lots of pattern literacy and honest observations here.

Four Season Harvest

Four Season Harvest

Something of a modern classic. Learn techniques and tactics for year round food production.

New Organic Grower

The New Organic Grower

A great all-around food production book for the large garden or small farm. Covers fundamentals such as soil fertility, crop rotation, tools and equipment, plant spacing and more. A good reference.

intelligent gardener

The Intelligent Gardener

Why soil re-mineralization is so important to health and what to do about it.

teaming with microbes

Teaming with Microbes

Healthy soil leads to healthy plants leads to healthy animals and people.

Whizbang Idea Book

Planet Whizbang Idea Book for Gardeners

A unique, self published book by a long time organic gardener. Full of odd but useful info and nifty garden hacks like ....Will get your idea muscle working.

how to grow more vegetables...

How to Grow More Vegetables...

This book covers the Bio Intensive method of small scale food production. A great book if you have limited space and want to maximize yields while improving your soil. In depth details covering plant spacing, bed preparation, composting, and garden design.